Assembly and accessories


During use of the Tin Side Detectors specific installation and operating instructions must be observed in order to ensure a reliable detection of the tin side.

Assembly and distance to the product

During assembly, it should be noted that no direct light shines in the camera lens. Constant light conditions should be ensured to guarantee a safe detection between tin and air side. Slight light fluctuations can be compensated by the Tin side detectors.

Optimal results are achieved by reducing the external light through opaque covers.
The Tin side detectors must be mounted in a 90° angle and with a distance of 1 mm +/- 0,5 mm from the rubber lip to the glass surface.


Tin side detector accessories

The Tin side detector is connected to a control panel with power plug. This includes a traffic signal display and a 4-pin M12 cable, assembled at both ends for pin assignment on the tin side detector. The intended installation and connection of the connectors, see the manual of the respective tin side detectors.
The tin side detector control module is available directly in our InSystems Shop.



The Tin side detectors are maintenance free devices. However, the functionality of the detectors should be reviewed at regular intervals. For this purpose it is sufficient to present the device with the tin and air side of the float glass and check for proper identification

Cleaning the device

In order to ensure a reliable recognition of the tin side, the lens and the LEDs of the detector must be cleaned when needed, depending on the environmental conditions (dirt).
A lens cleaning pen is recommended to clean the lens (available in the