8 different configurations can be used with the new Tinsor+

With the Tinsor+ up to eight different configurations can be teached and used for controlling the tin side. After a successful teaching process, the established values for each glass type configuration can be filed in the internal memory of the detector under a chosen number.
The tin side identification process can then begin immediately.
This means that if small batches of different glass types are processed, or if there is a modification to the production process, it is not necessary to reteach the detector each time. The relevant glass type is simply chosen using the PLC and the Tinsor+ quickly adjusts to the change.

The Tin side detectors pass all tests in the EMV-Lab

The electro-magnetic effects, which the Tin side detectors emit to their surroundings, have been measured in the EMV laboratory. The radiance of the tin side detectors lies under 4dBpW and consequently fulfils the existing requirements. The functionality of the Tin side detectors under the influence of strong electro-magnetic noise (up to 1.4 kv) has also been tested. The tested noise was equal to a lightning stroke in a distance of 30 m.
As expected the Tin side detectors successfully passed all tests.